Camping rules

The Mangement of Villaggio dei Fiori welcomes You warmly and wishes You a pleasent stay in our village. For asureing You a chilling vacation we gently ask You to consider and to conform the follwed provisions:

SCHEDULS: Reception: 08:00 – 21:00 Cash desk: 08:00-13:00 / 15:00-18:00. Swimingpools opende from 15/05 till 15/10. Bungalows/ Mobilehomes at the disposal of the Client: from 16:00 untill 21:00 on the day of the arrival. On the basis of the season the scheduals might suffer some variations.

AGAINST COST SERVICES: Rental of the bicycles begining with € 6,00 and € 9,00; the usage of the washingmachines or dryer € 5,00; steam iron € 1,00; the polyvalent sports camp in rent begining with € 8,00 per hour; Wifi internet and internet Point for free.

BOOKING / CANCELLATION: The booking is valid only after making a down payment of the 50% from the total amount of your stay. The booking is cancelled automatically if the down payment won't proceed within the limits indicated at the booking moment. The Management riserves the rights of being abble to modify the indicated preference in base of the availability. If the Client cancelles the booking in writting at least with 30 days before of the arrival, the Management reserves the right to deduct the 20% of the down payment besides the costs of the registration. Besides the such date the amount deducted is 100% of the down payment. The booked period, even if not benefited etirely ( for the delay at the arrival or the anticipated departure), will anyway have to be payed.

ARRIVAL: Registration: The gentile Guests are asked to hand over their identity documents for the registration, in base of the disposal of Law. The underage are allowed only in company of the parents or of the relatives of age. The structures and the pitches will be consigned by the staff of the village, wich considarates the requirements of the gentile Guests. The client will have to park his automobile exclusively in the assigned pitch. If wanted to chage the pitch, it must be comunicated to the Management. Caution: At the arrival the gentile guest of Bungalow/Mobilehome will have to leave 150 € per structure as an caution deposit.

Payment: the accounts will have to be setteled at the arrival. The counting of the days of permanency will be efectuated in base of the number of the nights. Card: You will be given a card of 50 € which will give you the possibility to open the gates without cost (the pedestrian nocturnal gate, the swimingpool gate, the seaside gate), to pay the drinks and the snacks at the bar and restaurant. Eventualy recharges will be made by the reception in the working hours of the cash desk. The remaining credit will be given back at the end of the stay.

THE STAY: Presence variation. The Guest is obliged to signalize all of His/Hers presences or/and absences in the village.
Visitors. The evetual visitors could be accepted with the autorisation of the Management and can enter in the Village only after handing over a document of identity and after paying the regular daily quota. All the visits will have to finish with no possibility of delay till the hour 20.00. Silence hours. From23.00 untill 09.00 and from 13.00 to 15.00 the silence will have to be mantained. The dipensations of the said schedual can be authorised exclusively with the aproovement of the Management. The apparats that produce any sounds need always to be mainteined on low voice and in the silence hours will have to be turned off. The motos and the motorcycles will have to be driven by hand.Behaviour. Those who don't have a corect behaviour and disturb with row or lack of education and cleanness will be expelled. It is forbidden to play soccer or any other sports outside the predisposed areeas. Children's custody. It is becomed exclusively by the parents, the only responsibles towards third party. The access to the swimmingpools, games areea and all the common areeas of the Camping it is allowed for the underage of 14 only if accompanyed by the parents. In any cse the parents have the esclusive responsability of the underaged in the common areeas of the camping without pretending anything from the Management. The Management won't do any vigilance on the activity of the Guests and particularly of the underaged. Dameges and Losses. The Management won't be responsable for any damages, removal or losses of objects from the client's property, declines any responsability for the damages caused by the storms, hailstorm, by the fall of the trees, fires, major forces. The Management won't respond esclusively for the given values in custody. With the payment of the due tariff for the use of the space, won't be given any right of custody. Barbecue. The use of the grill is allowed only in the matter of no danger or disturb. Hygienic norms. We confide in the collaboration of the Guests for maintaining th camping as clean as possible. We remember you that the chemical WC will have to be emptyed in the purposed place. It is absolutely forbidden to damage the plants and the utensil of the camping, pour boilling liquids, salted or waste on the ground.

All the infective ills will have to be comunicated imediatly to the Management.

Pets. It is strictly forbidden to introduce animals and especialy dogs of any race or size.

Bathing. It is not allowe to introduce in the camping area or on the shore in front of the camping, any motor craft or sail craft. The beach adjacent to the camping it is not supervised, the Managing declines any responsability in this regard.

It has to be made from 8.00 untill 10.00. The cautional deposit will be given back after the check of the good state of the structure at the moment of the departure. The final cleaning will have to be made by the client. For the structures that won't be found clean will be made a deduction of 50 euros from the cautional deposit.

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